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Kids often have a wish list a mile long come birthday or holiday time. Kids, if you're looking for somethig to put on your list (or parents... if you're looking for something not so ho-hum), check out these products we love!


DancingEgg_300 Dancing Eggs by HABA: One of HABA's most popular games, it's a boisterous bouncing action game that fosters hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Caught the dancing egg? Great, now run around the table with the egg under your armpit or between your knees. As soon as an egg drops, the game is over... and beware of the egg thieves! Recommended for 2-4 players from ages 5 and up.
GravityMaze Gravity Maze: The only marble run with a 3-D logic puzzle. Kids can tap their engineering, visual perception and reasoning skills as they arrange colorful translucent towers into different structures to whisk a marble from the staring point to the target while solving 60 different challenges.  Ages 8+, $29.99.
sbyke Sbyke: Tthe revolutionary kick-scooter that carves like a skateboard, coasts like a bike and inspires hour after hour of fun. For kids, teens and adults, there are three models from which to choose priced at $149 (Sbyke P16 for those age 5+), $179 (Sbyke A20) and $249 (Sbyke P20). Skyke provides a stimulating cardio workout that burns an average of 23% more calories per minute than traditional biking.

Nene Imagination Tiles of Infinity: Puzzles are great gifts for children, but they can be frustrating! For children ages 4-9 there’s a great new gift idea: Nene Imagination. Named among the top 5 STEM toys by the Huffington Post, the creators were inspired by their own children. Rather than creating puzzle sets where each piece is required to fit into the ‘right’ place - with Nene Imagination puzzles, a child can determine his or own pattern. Perfect for children who ‘think outside the box,' these creative gifts are fun and rewarding as children can create different designs every time. $21.99.

FirstBIKE FirstBIKE: An innovative balance bike that encourages children 22 months to 5 years old to enjoy hours of activity. The lightweight, durable and flexible design enables pint-sized riders to cruise for several miles at a time and even run up hills all while developing their balance and gaining self-confidence so that they can then easily transition to a peddle bike without ever needing training wheels. Also, FirstBIKE’s one-of-a-kind MonoSki attachment allows this bike to transition seamlessly from sun to snow, making it the perfect balance bike option for year-round fun.
silverlit_nano_falcon Silverlit’s Nano Falcon: The Guinness World Record Title holder for the Smallest RC Helicopter. With a size of just 65mm and weighs just 11g, this 3 channel indoor heli flies up and down; forward and backward; left and right. Built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easier. Precise variable speed rotor delivers excellent flying control. $49.99.
GyroBot Gyrobot: Gyroscopes are used in countless devices. From smartphones, tablets and video game controllers to airplanes and space telescopes, gyroscopes perform tasks ranging from the everyday to the extraordinary. With the Gyrobot from Thames & Kosmos, children can explore the astonishing powers of the gyroscope by building seven motorized models, including a robot that can balance on two linear wheels and move along a tightrope. In addition to being fun, this great little robot also supports the STEM Trend (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). Ages 8 and up. $44.95.
Jenga_Giant Jenga® GIANT™: Uses the same rules as Classic Jenga® and comes with 54 precision cut, high quality, polished hardwood blocks in a sturdy box designed as a game play platform and for easy storage and transport. It weighs a total of 17 lbs. and can stack up to three feet and higher. Jenga GIANT is perfect for backyard BBQs, birthday and holiday celebrations, college parties and everywhere people gather together to have fun. Recommended for one or more players, ages 10 to adult, and lists for $129.99.
xotablet XO Tablet: This sturdy tablet is truly a family-friendly device. Combining a durable design and educational focus for kids (of all ages), with a Google Certified, full-fledged Android device parents and older children can also use and enjoy this tablet. Check out the business website to see a video of the XO Tablet in action.


littleBits: Crave creativity? Make something! Light it, push it, turn it, twist it, bend it, buzz it, blink it, shake it… littleBits is a new, electronic spin on the classic building block for people ages 8-108 who love to build, create and explore. littleBits are tiny circuit-boards that snap together with tiny magnets. No soldering, no wiring, no programming needed. Each bit has a specific function (light, sound, sensors, buttons, thresholds, pulse, motors, etc), and modules snap to make larger circuits. Integrate materials found in your own home (paper, cardboard, Popsicle sticks, toy wheels, etc.) to create the unimaginable. Watch this video to see more about littleBits.



PlayMG: The first pocketable Wi-Fi Android App-gaming system kids can call their own. The MG arrives with 11 pre-loaded games and has access to more than 60,000 others. The MG includes a proprietary notification function called "Remote Trust" that allows parents to view their kid's activity (downloads, apps used, time spend on MG device) from a distance. It also offers a feature where parents can set up a re-loadable debit account and then create "game allowances" that can be used for app purchases. The device features a1.3 megapixel front-facing camera and the ability to shoot and play video.


Brainteasers: Looking for stimulating brainteasers?  Recent Toys specializes in just that. They strive to ensure that their various puzzles are simple to understand, yet thought-provoking in their solutions, and open to a broad age range so that children and adults of all ages can play. While all of their puzzles are characterized by high-quality, edgy designs, and clever game play, each puzzle is unique in concept and offers an entirely new challenge.  From double-sided puzzles to unique wooden 'coffee table''s not puzzling as to why this company's products are instantly addicting.

Power Up 2.0

Power Up 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit: A favorite and simple past time (often with grandpa nearby), is making paper airplanes. But now we can power those plans up with an electric airplane conversion kit! After you fold the perfect airplane, the Power Up 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit can give your plane up to 30 seconds of twisting and turning free flight!  The kit works on paper airplanes created from any standard paper.  Creating the airplanes is not only a family bonding experience, but also an educational one. Ages 8+.  

See Power Up in action on YouTube.


Cooper Kit - How Things Fly:  Cooper & Kid’s inaugural Cooper Kit, “How Things Fly,” contains a hand-picked selection of activities including a “flight manual” guide, catapult building kit, biplane building kit, parachute man, sky lantern, themed dinner menu with recipes, bedtime story, missile launcher, online resources, and more.  Through Cooper Kits, Cooper & Kid seeks to bring fathers and children closer through inspiring and meaningful activities that they both will enjoy together, while also sparking a sense of childhood nostalgia for dads. Cooper & Kid’s “How Things Fly” Cooper Kit retails for $65 with additional quarterly, monthly and yearly subscription. Ages 5 and up.


D6 SurfSkimmer: The SurfSkimmer is a must-have board that will be taking beaches by storm. Designed with gripper technology, stable handle and sleek design, the SurfSkimmer glides effortlessly over the white wash giving boys and girls the opportunity to enjoy, experiment and excel in skimboarding within minutes on the water. Check it out in action:


The Happy Trunk: The Happy Trunk brings a carefully curated box filled with art, craft and science activities for hands-on projects for kids ages 3-11. All materials included and delivered monthly right to your door.


Learn to Recycle! Activity Kit: Children ages 4 to 8 can learn to reduce, reuse and recycle - and practice sorting - by placing cute picture tiles into the miniature recycling bins! 6 different recycling bins each come with 8 sturdy chipboard tiles showing items that can be recycled.


Doodle Your Day: A fun activity book offering doodle and journaling prompts for young artists every day of the year. From drawing their favorite tweeter for National Bird Day to penning what made them smile, kids will love exploring their creativity and have a whole lot of fun! At the end of a year, kids will have a one-of-a-kind illustrated keepsake to treasure for years to come. Doodle Your Day features 300 color illustrations that will entertain and encourage children’s artistic creativity to shine.






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