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When your preschooler or young child wants to use your iPad or smartphone - or even laptop - be prepared with a digital library of picture books.

A subscription to One More Story provides more than 70 different award-winning picture books from renowned authors such as Ezra Jack Keats, Cynthia Rylant, Bernard Most and Eve Bunting.

In 3 to 10 minutes for many books (some as long as 20 minutes), a child can hear a book read by professional actors, view the pictures and hear original music.

One More Story received a James Patterson Page Turner Award for finding original and effective ways to spread the excitement of books and reading. Visit to see the authors you know and the books you and your children will love.

Choosing The Right Book For Your Child Made Simple

Sometimes, parents have trouble choosing a book for their child and they end up buying whichever book their child asks for. StorySnoops solves this problem by providing a book’s details, plotline, noteworthy themes, content and more. Adding to the convenience is the suggested reading lists and easy-to use search and browse features. This makes it simple to find a book that is sure to be a good fit. Unlike other book review sites, you don’t have to have a book in mind to use StorySnoops. Rather, these tools guide people to books for every type of reader  Let them do the work for you and see why other parents, teacher and librarians rely on StorySnoops’ thousands of reviews.

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The Reading Game
A new memory card game that teaches Dolch and High Frequency Sight words to get your child reading, having fun and feeling confident. In addition to helping preschool and Kindergarten students learn to read, The Reading Game is also extremely effective in helping kids who are struggling with reading up through the 4th grade. The game starts with a simple fast action-memory card game that teaches five words at a time. These five words are then reinforced using picture flashcards with simple phrases including capitalization and punctuation. The game also includes content rich storybooks which feature the 30 words learned through flashcard game play. After repeated play, children will be able to read the entire storybook unassisted. Once the six decks of cards and the six storybooks have been completed, the child will have a reading vocabulary of 180 words, many of them Dolch and High Frequency words.


ELEMENTS for Girls
A self-discovery book and bracelet for tween and early teen girls invites girls to read, reflect and complete simple, fun activities while exploring important elements of growing up such as self-acceptance, empathy, communication and friendship. The theme of self-care is woven into the book in sections on sleep, healthy eating and stress management. With original doodle art throughout the book, girls are encouraged to express themselves with color, drawings and writing to make the book their own.  As chapters are completed, girls use the creative kit included to design their own unique bracelet to cleverly remind girls of the chapter themes and reinforce what was learned.


Maddi’s Fridge
The first picture book to address child hunger in the United States. Sofia and Maddi live in the same neighborhood, play in the same park, and go to the same school. But while Sofia’s fridge at home is full, Maddi’s fridge is empty – white empty – with just a small container of milk. Sofia promises Maddi she won’t tell so she sneaks food for Maddi in her bag and discovers that, while fish and eggs are good for kids, they aren’t very good for backpacks.  Despite Sofia’s very best efforts, Maddi’s fridge is still empty, but she is determined to find a way to help her best friend. 10% of profits donated to help fight childhood hunger.  (Ages 4-8)

unicorns Waiting for Unicorns
Talia McQuinn’s world is shattered after losing her mother to cancer. To make matters worse, her whale researching father uproots them for the summer to the arctic, an unfamiliar place for a twelve-year-old girl. Talia’s father leaves on an expedition shortly after their arrival, leaving her in the care of Sura, an Inuit woman who’s lived her entire life in the frozen landscape. Although this new lifestyle is absolutely foreign to Talia, one element strikes a chord in her broken heart: traditional storytelling. A tale about Narwhals, or “unicorns of the sea” unlocks something in Talia that had been buried since her mother’s death: her ability to hope.  (Ages 10 & up)

LostName_300 Lost My Name
A magical personalized gift for children, packed with fun stories and beautiful illustrations. The child's name is creatively woven throughout the book in a unique, personal tale featuring an incredible cast of different characters. The books: “The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name” and “The Little Boy Who Lost His Name,” tell the story of a child who sets off on a spectacular adventure to track down all the missing letters of their name. Kids will love to meet the glamorous Ostrich, sleep-deprived Bear, a Viking who yearns to bake and a Zebra torn between spots and stripes – and many, many more. No need to worry if your kids have unique names or if their names are spelled differently than mainstream names. Each book can include the letters you want with thousands of possibilities!  (Ages 2-7)


Big Book of When
When did people first pop popcorn? When were videogames invented? When did an airplane first break the sound barrier? The editors of TIME For Kids came up with a list of the most important events, inventions, people and discoveries in the past 100 (and even 1,000!) years and packaged them into the Big Book of When. At more than 190 pages, the hardcover book is full of colorful graphs, spectacular photos, and clear, engaging timelines to help kids answer a myriad of questions. The book is divided into 11 subjects: time, animals, communications, flight, energy, the solar system, the digital age, food, transportation, civilizations and sports. (Ages 8 & up)


Top 5 of Everything
What are the hottest planets in the solar system? What are the five oldest baseball stadiums? Who were the five youngest United States presidents? The answers to those questions and dozens more are found in the book Top 5 of Everything, presented by Time Home Entertainment Inc. and the editors of TIME For Kids. The lists featured in the book cover topics from animals, sports, technology, food, people, entertainment and beyond. The 144-page book includes more than 100 lists that are accompanied by amusing and colorful illustrations. Each Top 5 list has guaranteed kid and parent appeal and is certain to surprise young readers who will refer to the book over and over again. (Ages 8 & up)


Being a Boy
For boys from a very young age up through their teens.  Topics include doing the right thing for others, telling mom you love her, self confidence, and bathing even though you may not want to! This book and the others in the Papersalt lineup (including the companion book, Being a Girl), help parents teach life lessons and simple things all kids should know. Papersalt’s goal is to deliver just enough content, with cool designs that kids and adults will pay more attention to. No fluff just need-to-know stuff. 


Something Fishy
Jellyfish…oh, yuck -
A nettlesome bunch of bad luck;
A tentacled thing that carries its sting
In a mass of gelatinous muck.

Children’s singer-songwriter and author Barry Louis Polisar provides readers an opportunity to explore unusual and exotic sea creatures in a fun and poetic fashion. Something Fishy is filled with intriguing facts and poetic irony that will help kids dive head-first into the world of marine life. (Ages 7-9)


Balloons Over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade
Everyone’s a New Yorker on Thanksgiving Day, when young and old rise early to see what giant new balloons will fill the skies for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Who first invented these “upside-down puppets”? Meet Tony Sarg, puppeteer extraordinaire! In brilliant collage illustrations, the award-winning artist Melissa Sweet tells the story of the puppeteer Tony Sarg, capturing his genius, his dedication, his zest for play and his long-lasting gift to America – the inspired helium balloons that would become the trademark of Macy’s Parade. Winner of the 2012 NCTE Orbis Pictus Award. (Ages 4 & up)


Boogie Monster Dance Kit
by Josie Bissett & Illustrated by Kevan J. Atteberry. This crazy, fun and invigorating dance kit includes one Boogie Monster book, one pair of Boogie Legs Leggings and one full-length Boogie Monster Boogie music CD by Recess Monkey. Everything is packaged in a colorful reusable box with a magnetic closure.  (Ages 3–8)


Curious Critters
Award winning photographer and author, David FitzSimmons, perfectly captures both words and beautifully vivid images to teach children about some of North America’s common animal friends. (Ages 2 & up)


Don’t Laugh At Me
Originally a country music song, Steve Seskin & Allen Shamblin recreated their ballad into a visually inspiring book about acceptance and bullying. Allen Shamblin was inspired to write the song after his daughter came home from school one day, telling him that she was being teased by other children at school because of her freckles. (Ages 3 & up)


New York City History for Kids: From New Amsterdam to the Big Apple with 21 Activities
A fantastic activity book from the For Kids series, this engaging guide by Richard Panchyk is packed with historical and entertaining anecdotes from New York City past and present. Young readers journey the paths of their ancestors, from the early Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam to the immigrant tenements near Five Points in the Lower East Side, and finally to today’s well-loved landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Central Park. New York City History for Kids allows children to see the fascinating evolution of one of the greatest cities in the world. (Ages 9 & up)


Oh, The Things My Mom Will Do… Parents and children will delight in a story that is the celebration of the unpredictable adventure that is motherhood, with its sometimes silly, always cherished and wonderfully important moments — all rooted in love. Marianne Richmond has touched the lives of millions over the past two decades through her books and creations that give voice to our collective stories of love, loss, adversity and parenthood. With treasured and critically acclaimed picture books like The Night Night Book and If I Could Keep You Little, Marianne Richmond is swiftly becoming a classic children’s book author and illustrator known for her colorful collage art and gentle, whimsical stories. (Ages 4 & up)


Fifty years after her refusal to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama, city bus, Mrs. Rosa Parks is still one of the most important figures in the American civil rights movement. This tribute to Mrs. Parks is a celebration of her courageous action and the events that followed. Award-winning poet, writer, and activist Nikki Giovanni’s evocative text combines with Bryan Collier’s striking cut-paper images to retell the story of this historic event from a wholly unique and original perspective.  (Ages 4 & up)





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