Educational Games

Fun Time… with a little education tossed in! Kids love games… plus kids have a natural love for learning.  When we mesh the two, we’re creating fun, teachable moments while creating memories as well.  

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite new educational books and mind-bending games below. Follow our Facebook page. You never know when we’ll have a surprise giveaway of one of these great items!


Exact Change® ($9.99, ages 5 & up) does not only provide an excellent lesson on counting with money, but offers a fun, fast-paced game of action that the entire family will enjoy. The goal is to play all of your cards first. You can play a card by matching the currency value (play a penny on a penny), by matching the color of the last card played, or by making EXACT CHANGE.

Exploracise®  ($22.50, ages 1 & up): develops quality educational products that teach children math through active play.  Scientific research shows there is a critical link between academic performance and physical activity.  Learning through interactive educational experiences increases retention while improving overall health.  Now -  thanks to the award winning Exploracise® products and programs (winner of the Dr. Toy 10 Top Educational Products Award and 100 Best Children’s Products Award for 2012) - parents and teachers can help kids learn basic math concepts, addition and multiplication tables through engaging active play with an oversized stuffed balls and supporting DVDs.  A ball to teach toddlers numbers and shapes has also recently been introduced.



GeoPuzzle World ($14.99, ages 4 & up): From Afghanistan and Belgium to Venezuela and Zimbabwe, GeoPuzzles make learning geography fun! Each Geopuzzle has pieces shaped like countries so kids will know what goes where and what the countries and states look like. GeoPuzzle World has 68 pieces, and is a jumbo-sized 24 x 12.5 inches.

Kidzaw ($29.99, ages 5 & up) is the perfect gift for any young artist. Children can create their own interpretation of a great masterpiece using simple tools that guide them in the creative process. It's a fun way to introduce children to the joy of art and expose them to the great works of master painters. Children not only create their own masterpieces, but they learn the story behind each painting and why it has a special place in the history of art.



Kwizniac ($19.99, ages 12 & up) puts a twist on trivia so that finally we can all feel smart. With Kwizniac you get clues to guess the person, place or thing. The fewer clues you need, the more points you get. This game is easy to take on the go and play anywhere, any time.

Leap Frog Gift of Learning ($29.98, ages 2-5 years) includes two DVDs plus a bonus Scout plush!  Scout & Friends Number Land helps build early number skills and Scout & Friends Phonics Farm helps teach letter sounds with the help of some amazing animals.


Outsmart ($19.99 - $24.99, ages 8 & up). One Question. Many Answers. Originality Counts!
Each play takes an answer sheet; the die is rolled to determine the number of answers required; a question card is selected from the pile; a topic teaser and question are read aloud – OUTSMART your opponent by giving the most correct answers each round!

School Zone has recently introduced new products for children ages 3-12 that make learning easy, fun and perfect for on the go.

Flash Card Combo Packs
Offered in three varieties including Addition, Multiplication and Sight Words, each pack includes flash cards and a tear-away worksheet pad, which allows children to practice on-the-go and improve speed and accuracy in math and reading fundamentals. ($6.99)


Little Busy Books
This series is made of six progressive levels that utilize word recognition, reading and reviewing to build a solid literary foundation and improve reading and language skills. Each book includes 48 pages of creative activities that enhance a child’s recognition of shapes, numbers and letters, and boost self-confidence at the same time. The newest titles include Crosswords, Word Searches and Coloring Adventure. ($2.99)

School Zone Publishing apps offer playful, research-based content with plenty of creativity and bonus features. Apps focus on math, fractions and numbers as well as reading, word identification, vowel sounds and spelling! These fun interactive apps include titles such as Fraction Attraction, Memory Match Jr. and Pencil Pal Phonics. Apps retail from $0.99 - $4.99 at


Big Workbooks feature more than 300 pages of colorful illustrated pages that are separated into learning sections for each subject. Each page has clear instructions and a skill focus listed at the bottom. Perforated pages make for great individual worksheets and lots of learning at a low price. ($12.99 - $19.99)

SimplyFun makes learning exciting through the simple concept of PLAY. They offer home-based parties where you can see – and play – many of their quality educational games. Some of our favorites are listed below.

Bank It ($34, ages 6 & up). Race other players to save enough money to purchase a new bicycle! Earn money doing chores and other jobs. Earn interest on your savings account. Manage your money wisely and shop for a good bargain. This game helps instill strong cash management skills and helps to teach the importance of spending wisely, building interest and saving money.  Plus, it even encourages charitable giving.


Bee Alert ($30, ages 5 & up). Like all bears, our little buddy Beary loves the taste of honey! On each turn players must "BE ALERT" to remember under which hive the colored bee was last seen. This game is perfect in enhancing memory, observation skills and fine motor skills. It even helps teach a bit of patience!

Digger’s Garden Match ($26, ages 4 & up). Take a walk through the garden with Digger the dog and see how many matches you can make! Match tiles together by color or shape and then count the number of shapes on both tiles.


Dreaming Dragon ($26, ages 6 & up) helps to teach visual mapping and analysis, eye-hand coordination and concentration. But, you barely notice that such learning is taking place. Instead, you will be transfixed by the sleeping dragon who is protecting her stash of golden eggs. She won't be pleased to wake and find there are lizards sharing space in her warm nest. Help the lizards escape without breaking any of her precious eggs. It takes a careful hand to remove the lizards!

Linkity ($18, ages 8 & up) is a creative word association game that reinforces vocabulary.  Think of any word that starts with one of the letters on your cards and that connects somehow with the last card played. For instance, if the person prior to you had an A and said ‘apple’… you could then put down your letter S card and say ‘slice’.  Be the first to discard your entire hand to win.


Math’d Potatoes ($38, ages 8 & up) or is it mashed potatoes? This game offers math challenges in a fun and creative way. Quick thinking is rewarded as teams or individuals roll dice and race to solve math problems using addition and/or subtraction, greater than/lesser than or equalities.

Sumology ($40, ages 8 & up) helps children build equations and do more advanced math using all four of the basic operators (plus, minus, times and divide). Players must place their tiles in crossword fashion either horizontally or vertically to create valid equations. Each equation is worth the sum of all the digits used. Play alternates until the pool of tiles is exhausted.  Not only is this game perfect to tone your math skills, it’s an attractive wooden game that looks great on your coffee table!


Tantrix ($18.99, ages 7 & up) is a visual-spacial strategy game and puzzle for 1 to 5 players. A full set of Tantrix consists of 56 hexagonal tiles made from a tactile vintage plastic with hand-painted links of red, green, blue and yellow. Tantrix is an abbreviation of tangled tracks and that is exactly the purpose of the game: to create the longest track or loop in your chosen color. A true classic "Difficult to master, easy to learn". This golden rule for a good game is the core of the brilliant strategy-game Tantrix, which is a lot easier to play than to explain.









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